Video Poker Games from Betsoft Gaming

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Video Poker is a casino classic, and is loved by players of all ages, from all parts of the world.

Video Poker is essentially a combination of traditional video slot games alongside Texas hold ‘em Poker, and instead of playing against other players at the table, you’re playing against the computer instead.

You are dealt five cards, and the goal is to make the best five can hand possible. Once the five cards have been dealt, you then have the option to hold or release each card, basically giving you a chance to improve your hand – it’s completely free to do this, so you can actually see two boards of cards for just one-unit stake, giving you the chance to hit big profits if you’re lucky enough to hit the big jackpots.

Hand Rankings

When playing Video Poker, it’s important to take note of the particular type of game that you are playing – for example, the 10’s or better variation will pay out on a pair of tens or higher, while the Jacks or better variation will only pay out a singular pair of Jacks or higher.

It differs from casino to casino, and from game to game, so make sure you check the rules out before you start playing so you know exactly what cards to be aiming for.

Of course, the most coveted hand of them all is the Royal Flash, and if you’re lucky enough to hit this incredibly rare hand at any time, you’re guaranteed a big payout, often ranging into many thousands of pounds.

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Betsoft Poker Games

If you’re a fan of Video Poker games, you won’t be disappointed with Betsoft’s collection, and they feature some of the most exciting video slot titles around, including Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Duluxe, All American Video Poker, Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, Tens Or Better, and Double Joker Poker.

They also have a couple of Jackpot slots, that – while they don’t feature jackpots like in other casinos –can still be worth a lot of money, ranging into the thousands and even sometimes tens of thousands of pounds.


If you’re looking to enjoy a high quality gaming experience that incorporates a touch of Vegas Slots alongside the world’s most popular Poker variety, then Video Poker could be for you!

And… even if it isn’t… it’s a great way to pass a few minutes… while actually being in with the chance of winning a nice amount of money!

See for yourself why video Poker can be one of the most enjoyable games in an online casino.

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