Scratch Games from Betsoft

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Online scratchcard games are designed for players to be able to enjoy a slightly different approach to online gaming, and it allows you to purchase the type of scratchcards you’d find in your local store… without having to go to the hassle of heading to your local shop and physically scratching!

Currently, Betsoft only offer one Scratch Game, called Scratcherz, but as you’ll soon see, there’s actually multiple games inside, and here’s how it works:

As soon as you load up the Scratcherz game, you’ll have the opportunity pick from 4 scratch card games.

These different games vary in theme, and some offer bigger prizes than others. You can have a browse around and see what takes your fancy, and once you’ve found a game that suits you, simply click it from the left-hand menu, and it will pop right up into your screen.

The first game, called Fortune Cookie, features 8 symbols, and two bonus areas, and allows you to combine Chinese myth, with modern-day Casino!

The second card you can buy is called Double Deluxe Bucks, and is a classic ‘match your numbers’ scratch game. Simply match any of your winning numbers to the cash prizes you see, and you win!

The third game is called Deluxe Bucks, and this is a slightly calmer version of the Double Deluxe version – it works exactly the same, being a ‘match your numbers’ game, but it has a few less boxes, making the card cheaper to purchase, and easier to play!

Cash Smash is the fourth and final game, and this is also a ‘match your numbers’ game, except you only need to match one number, in order to win a prize!

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How Much Do The Scratch Games Cost?

One of the best things about Betsoft’s scratch game range, is that they’re all available at different stake options.

You can buy cards from as little as £0.50, right up to £100, and this ensures that no matter what your budget, you’ll be able to enjoy a game that first your budget!

So… if you’re interested in trying something new… something that allows you to win a LOT of money (from a tiny stake) …

And if you want to enjoy Betsoft’s high-quality Scratch Game range… Just choose your Betsoft Casino here, and you can begin playing right away!

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