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If you love the idea of a trip abroad with a bit of spring break craziness, The Tipsy Tourist could be one of the best ways that you can enjoy the magic of spring break without even having to take out your wallet. The Tipsy Tourist is the best way to enjoy a holiday you have always wanted with plenty to drink, plenty of women and lots of fun games.

Right from the moment you see the live video of the guy in his cubicle it is easy to start relating to the Tipsy Tourist. There are always times where we feel like we need a break and this slot machines offers a convenient way to do just that. Rather than having to take weeks off or spend time on vacation you can have a quick time out and experience spring break at your leisure.

The Tipsy Tourist is the best way to experience Miami beach on a budget and with some of the fun wilds and animations that this game has to offer you will be almost ready to board the plane and take off on your own vacation with the winnings you can have.

slots bonus

Game Features

The game The Tipsy Tourist has all of the features that you might expect from a Miami Beach themed slot machine - summery music, beautiful backgrounds, blue skies and plenty of fun mini games. The game certainly does not disappoint and the three main bonus games will have you feeling as if you were on spring break directly.

The wild symbols, drinking bonus and free spins bonus will all help you to unlock some extra winnings. With the help of these comprehensive bonus structures you can get some of the best winnings on this 5x3 slot machine game. Finding matching poker symbols and participating in other mini games like the plane ticket game could help you to win 250 coins up to an astounding 750 coins. Perhaps one of the largest experiences however is the 1750 coin bonus from the holiday mini game.

The beachball bonus also triggers free spins which have the chance to re-trigger. Depending on the wild bonus and adding in the beachball bonus could help to maximise your winnings at this fun online slot machine. If you are the winner of the drinking bonus you can also claim winnings.

Matching together spring break symbols like, girls, poker symbols, red cups, plane tickets and more may make you feel like you are going on vacation and it may also make you rich with ongoing winnings that can stack up quite quickly. Ultimately this game is all about beach fun and huge winning bonuses!

Pros: This game has a fun theme and plenty of bonus games to keep players engaged. While there are many ways to win in this game it is the relaxed theme and the fun gameplay that really make it an attractive offer.

Cons: More conservative players may not enjoy the references to drinking and spring break from this offering.