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If you are the type of person that loves to play Candy Crush on your smartphone, you may finally have a mobile game that can reward you with real money! Sugar Pop is a popular online slot machine that has many of the same symbols and features that you may find from Candy Crush only in a wonderful online slot machine. Sugar Pop is a game that is very similar to Candy Crush and it features the ability to play on many of the same interfaces you might enjoy Candy Crush on as well.

The game is available from Betsoft and it can be played on I-pad, tablet, Android devices and desktops. The idea of this slot was combining bejewelled and Candy Crush into one beautiful slot machine interface.

Sugar Pop is far from a traditional slot machine and it features a multilevel build just like playing Candy Crush. As players advance through the levels they can cascade their winnings and earn more. In order to win at this game players need to align together candy vertically or horizontally. The goal is to connect together the different pieces in combinations while collecting special candies together. Each of the candies will have their own unique features which can unlock extra winnings as you go.

slots bonus

Game Features

Sugar Pop is half slot machine, half matching game. As the reels spin and the symbols match up you can pop various candies or jewels as they match together. As the symbols match together it is possible to clear part of the game-board and potentially cause other symbols to match up. It is this cascading feature that leads to more wins and a build towards the next level.

As players earn new levels by matching together symbols in this slot they have the option to win more money. As the level increases, so do the multipliers on earnings!

Special candies included can match together more symbols, lock in wilds as well as have the option to create scatter bonuses. As players uncover more powerful candies in the levels they can work at seeing new bonuses and improving their progress immensely. There are 11 different types of special candy in the game as well so this means there is always something new and exciting to uncover as you progress through the game. With candies that can melt and change other symbols or launch across the board like missiles, you will have to match them together to see what is possible! Keep in mind that some candies don’t unlock until you reach level 20 or more but certain symbols are available early on such as the colour bomb.

Pros: For fans of Candy Crush, this is probably the best slot out there. It features many exciting bonuses, a cascading gameplay just like Candy Crush and it can help you finally win real money.

Cons: The main issue is that a lot of the bonuses require levelling to acquire. This means that if you really want to see all this game has to offer you have to play it to level 20 which can be difficult for some players on a budget.