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Are you someone that just loves dogs? Perhaps you remember a time where you went to pick out your very own puppy at a pet store? With this online slot you can showcase the beauty of dogs and see what it is like to pick out a puppy from the store directly. Puppy Love is a slot machine that is dedicated to dogs and the dogs that they have created in this game are so cute. With exaggerated eyes and souls that may melt your heart, this is one of the best cute style slots for dog lovers.

As soon as players open up the game they are greeted by an interface that celebrates puppies. The dogs in this game are very playful and the whole slot is set inside a pet store where you can match together some of the dogs in the store itself. With many breeds and puppy symbols in the game you will feel as though you have just entered into one of the biggest puppy games ever created!

This is a 3d slot that works well on mobile devices, desktop browsers and more. No matter where you normally play slots, this is a system that works very well and displays beautiful graphics. The cute and immersive slot experience has many 3d animations that will have you gushing with cuteness.

slots bonus

Game Features

One of the most powerful aspects of this cute style slot machine is that very real money is at stake here. This isn’t just a fun slot machine with lots of cute cartoons but you have a chance to win a very large jackpot as well. With a reported 4,000,500 jackpot up for grabs you can make a ton of money playing Puppy Love. It has one of the larger jackpots of any other Betsoft game so far.

Although this game may have started in the year 2014, it still has extremely modern graphics even by todays standards. Players will match together items that range from the puppies themselves to for sale signs, dogs collars, a dog house, dog dishes and more. These different icons can really help to maximise payouts and there are even small payouts that total as much as 4000 coins at a time.

The bonuses are also very powerful in this game and there are everything from substitute symbols to scatter bonuses across the reels. Free spins and scatter bonuses really add to the fun and help to keep players excited about matching the puppies on the reels.

The Puppy Store Bonus round will let you pick out your own puppies as well. When this is activated you can get access to many big bonus winnings in which the wins and free spins are doubled based on the dogs you select. This is one of the most powerful bonus features in the game and to unlock it you need to match two or more bonus sign symbols carrying the Puppy Love logo. Pick the right puppy and you could build up all of the tools to unlock the jackpot!

Pros: Huge jackpot up for grabs. A very cute theme and plenty of fun bonuses along the way.

Cons: May be too cute a theme for some people to get into.