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Pinocchio is a slot machine that has been developed expressly by Betsoft. The game is based on the book, as well as,the Walt Disney film, also called Pinocchio. Although the original story is from the 19th century, this game features a number of graphics and gameplay options that are quite modern for a slot machine. With a graphic style that even rivals the Disney film, this game has a massive number of win lines across its reels. The game has 5 reels available for play and there are many winning lines that can be played. It features mass compatibility with I-pads, mobile devices, phones, I-pads and more. With many free spins up for winning as well as a variety of pay symbols and lines there is plenty of excitement to be had with this game.

slots bonus

Game Features

There are two main characters that can be played in the Pinocchio slots. Not only can players have access to play as Pinocchio but they can also play from the perspective of his creator Geppetto. Bonuses will occur differently based on the style of gameplay and the character that the player is using at the time. There are a number of creations across the reels that are also made by Geppetto and players will have lots of fun playing through the story as well as enjoying the world in two distinct stages for the different characters.

There is a classroom as well as a puppet show stage where the symbols and objectives will change for the game. With symbol payouts that range from 15 coins up to 75 coins at a time it is also possible to achieve a mini jackpot of around 500 coins for matching together Pinocchio symbols. If players are able to activate the real boy mode it is possible to access many special features as well as win some free fairy spins. This is where the game really starts to come alive. The real boy mode is the end goal of any player and with the scatter bonuses and totally different/ maximised pay-lines this is where the rewards start to flow.

Pros: Fans of the Pinocchio story as well as the Disney film are going to really love the theme of this game as well as the wonderful extra creations that Geppetto has made. It’s also easy to access on any mobile device.

Cons: The game can be confusing for some players especially in trying to activate the real boy mode.