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If you have always wanted to live in a life of luxury, we can deliver the best new game for you from Betsoft. The Mega Glam Life is all about living life to the fullest and seeing what it is like to live like an absolute movie star or super rich person. This online slot game will have players matching together items like watches, exotic cars, yachts, bank symbols and champagne. There are many of the biggest luxury symbols in the world to be found here.

The best part is that by matching up these luxury symbols you might be able to actually afford them for yourself. This is a slot that can be played by players of all income levels but Mega Glam Life is definitely one that can help you live your own glam lifestyle.

With amazing bonuses, mobile gaming options, tablet gaming options and the chance to stake a claim with over 600 options per spin, you can truly get anything that you want out of this slot machine. It is one that just about any player will love.

slots bonus

Game Features

Mega Glam Life makes you feel as though you have instantly been taken away into a new luxury lifestyle. While living like a rich person may not be something that everyone enjoys, this game will send you on a hunt for luxury items across a yacht.

With a generous payout on most symbols this game is perhaps most famous for its bonus games. Mega Glam Life can show you what its like to enjoy life on a luxury yacht and give you access to bonus games such as the tropical sunset scatter, wild bonus and money wheel bonuses. It is these bonuses that really help players to unlock the best of this game and see the largest payouts.

As you will soon find out playing this game, most of the symbols seem like they are created with a designers eye in mind. Many of them have jewels or gold and you can win 25-1000x your bet off of some of the symbol matching alone. Matching together 5 luxury yachts is how you can unlock the giant bonus however. By matching 5 of these symbols you can win up to 7500 times your stake which can be very powerful for your bankroll.

In its progressive mode it is also possible to match up bonus symbols with the chance to win back 25,000 times your stake. This game in its progressive mode is absolutely perfect for building up your luxury lifestyle. Bonus symbols for this progressive mode will appear on reel 2,3, and 4 so it is important to keep watch for them especially if you wanted to see one of the biggest jackpots in the game.

The free spins mode can also be activated by filling up your winning meter. The more you win, the more free spins you get with Mega Glam Life.

Pros: Plenty of options to win with this ultra glam slot machine. A fun theme and plenty of exciting luxury symbols.

Cons: The Special meter should fill a little faster and there may be too many betting options in this game.