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Slot Game Intro

Greedy Goblins is a video slot of epic proportions mostly due to the absolutely crazy progressive jackpot that is offered. While you may not see this option on the online free version of the game it is most definitely there in the paid version of this slot machine title. This title is actually the official sequel to one upon a time and it features many of the greedy goblins that you can find in that platform as well. The idea is that the goblins will be slowly watching every move you make as you work at stealing away their gold!

With 30 pay-lines on this slot machine and the chance to bet between .02 up to .5 per line you can see how this game is ideal for high rollers and low rollers. While the goblins may be watching what you are doing that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make off with a ton of their gold as well!

The max payout on this game is one of the best reasons to play as there is a chance to take home an astounding 1.2 million credits just for hitting the progressive jackpot. There aren’t too many slots that you can actually play that may boast this type of credit return. The insatiable goblin may watching what you are doing but with his payouts ranging in these high numbers it’s no wonder that he is keeping a close eye on his money.

slots bonus

Game Features

Greedy Goblins is a completely mobile friendly 3d slot that is available on the Betsoft format. Whether you are playing in demo mode or for real money these 30 pay-lines can certainly pay out huge with the vast number of winnings available in this progressive slot. The idea of landing 5 symbols in a row may sound tough but by matching together 5 of the elf symbols on the active pay-lines you can work at unlocking the absolutely huge jackpot that is up for grabs.

With plenty of stacked wilds, scatter symbols and other surprises with this slot the idea of matching together this many symbols may be easier than you think. One player was even able to deliver a jackpot just 12 hours after this game went live!

Even though this game is browser based originally it now offers support on loads of mobile devices. Greedy Goblins mobile game has the same type of opportunities as you can find on the desktop version of the platform. It is also compatible with windows and mac devices and the program offers support for players that want to enjoy it anywhere. With 5 pay-lines and a beautiful modern interface, this is a fantasy game that you will love if you are a fan of fantasy games.

Pros: Beautiful interface design, wonderful payouts, huge bonuses, and a pleasure to play for fairytale lovers.

Cons: Can be expensive to play when using max bet. The music can be somewhat loud and the goblin noises can get a little annoying especially when using mobile phone headphones.