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If you have ever been captivated by the idea of Aladdin or Arabian nights stories you have likely heard of genies before. Genie’s fortune pays tribute to these stories with the idea of a Genie who can deliver the power of wishes. The Genie’s Fortune slot is all about granting the power of wishes, specifically for riches.

By matching together symbols like genies, belly dancers and more it is possible to create a magical environment as well as seek out some magic bonuses. The genie in this game is content to deliver riches as part of his gifts. This 5 reel and 30 pay-lines slot can certainly help you to build up your bankroll quickly. Betsoft has attracted many people to this slot using its advanced bonus structure as well as the fun wishes that the genie can grant.

Overall, this game has some beautiful graphics, fun style animations as well as plenty of prizes that can make the gameplay quite exciting.

slots bonus

Game Features

The highlights of this game definitely come with the huge bonuses that it offers. As well as showcasing wild flying carpet bonuses, free spins and the genie wish bonus there are some huge benefits to playing this game.

The Genie bonus is what makes this game totally unique however. By matching together 3 or more of the lamp icons a player can potentially release the genie from the lamp to grant wishes. The wishes that can be made when the genie emerges can be different each time. There are 6 possible outcomes that range from wealth to longer life, the promise of travel, love and more. Choose the right wishes and you can chain together some of your wishes into some amazing prizes. This bonus gives the player a bit of choice and also makes for an exciting decision on the types of prizes that they can unlock. Each outcome is different and you will find yourself on the edge of your seat if this bonus is activated.

The flying carpets wild will also change the configuration of the game board and help to line up more symbols across the rows. A flying carpet across the reels could certainly help you with some bonus payouts and other assistance.

There are also scattered slot symbols that can rearrange the slot further and give you access to treasure chests. Regularly uncovering the scatter bonuses can be a great way to trigger free spins and to even win extra bankroll as well!

The monkey character is your companion throughout this game and he can make things a little crazy as well. If you see the monkey in the centre reel, he can move the other reels to the left and right to add in extra bonus prizes!

Pros: If you are a fan of genies and magic lamps this is a fun slot machine that you are going to love. The scattered symbols and bonuses definitely make this a slot machine that is well worth playing regularly.

Cons: The graphics are a tiny bit outdated on this slot when compared with some of the other Betsoft titles.