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Frankenslots Monster
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Slot Game Intro

Betsoft is an international slot company that is extremely popular for delivering high-quality experiences with their slot machines. This company has a massive level of success delivering with machines like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The new monster themed slot machine available from this company is experiencing the same type of success.

Inspired by the same classic literature as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Frankenslot’s Monster takes the idea going one step further. With a modern slot machine paired alongside the story of Frankenstein, Frankenslot is a slot machine that pairs modern winnings with a beautiful exterior slot filled with bonuses, scatters and wilds galore.

This Betsoft game definitely has a horror theme but with an art style that is unique and not too scary. The music draws you in and overall the theme has the idea of a mad science experiment gone wrong. This machine has the elements of what you might expect in a Frankenstein themed slot machine but it is paired so effortlessly with elements from modern slot machine games as well.

Frankenslot’s Monster is almost brand-new and not too many people have had the chance to actually play this brand-new casino game. While the original Frankenstein was certainly misunderstood, this game has plenty of bonus features that will make it a favourite amongst slot machine players. This game is very exciting to play in its real play mode. There is plenty of interaction to be had in the bonus games as well especially the one that allows players to take control of the monster and play through to win extra funds.

slots bonus

Game Features

The game features range from high-quality wilds, scatter bonuses and mini games as well as a standard slot machine configuration. The electrified wilds can help players to accumulate free wins and spins over time. Players have the chance to trigger 8 free spins at a time while potentially unlocking a second screen bonus round. By combining these bonuses together its possible to potentially unlock 4x winnings and more. The second screen bonus round is an ideal way to win back 25x your bet. These type of odds really reward players for sticking with it and playing Frankenslot often! It is this type of game feature that really makes this machine such a pleasure to play. This Betsoft powered machine showcases all of the fun you need!

Pros: The main pros with Frankenslot’s Monster is that there is a huge chance to win some very large winnings by playing often. Through the bonus games and insane features this is a slot that can pay off over time. If you love a horror themed slot that isn’t too complicated to play, with lots of chances to win, this could be just what you are looking for.

Cons: The only real issue with this slot machine is that the music can get a little repetitive. For those that may be looking for an intense horror themed slot as well, this may not offer the horror edge you may be looking for.