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Event Horizon has got an astounding 243 ways to win and this offers astronomical chances for winnings from a slot machine that is all based on the idea of a space telescope. This 3d slot machine showcases the idea of the world’s most powerful telescope. Not only can we move planets and a number of symbols floating out in space but it is possible to get some huge winnings as a result as well.

This super slot machine features plenty of beautiful images of space as well as the ability to match together celestial objects the likes of which you may have only seen through the NASA website. The 3d theme certainly does convey a very futuristic theme and some of the fun in this game is definitely pretending that you are a scientist experiencing many of the images through a telescope or even directly in space.

slots bonus

Game Features

There are plenty of insane ways to win with Event Horizon. Some of the lower prizes are available by matching together playing card symbols. With so many different lines in this slot machine it can sometimes be a little bit expensive for people to play. With so many winning combinations though it is certainly possible to enjoy a huge number of winnings and constant wins with this slot machine adventure. Even the lowest prizes in this game will net you some serious cash. Using the big retro symbols you can get access to a huge increase in your bankroll.

Matching together cherries can pay you up to 200 coins at a time and you can see a giant boost in your bankroll matching together traditional bar symbols. Although these might be a little alarming to see through a space telescope, they are certainly very welcome to see here.

The bell symbols in this game are also extremely powerful by matching together the 7’s and bells you can win 2500 coins as well as 5000 coins. These types of winnings are only minor jackpots for this game as well.

Event Horizon has two small bonus games including the matched reel features and the wild planet features. Both of these wild symbols and bonus rounds can highlight winning combinations and help players to access even more winnings for the future. When these types of bonus games happen it is possible for the 3,4,5 reels to offer wilds and bonuses that will help you to multiply your winnings exponentially!

Pros: Event Horizon has a very futuristic theme that also incorporates elements from classic slot machine gambling. It is unique and original, definitely one to play if you are an astronomy buff or fan of space. Regular winnings work to keep players engaged in the game.

Cons: This game has many pay-lines and as a result it can be a little bit expensive to play regularly. If you aren’t the type of person that likes to risk a little on each spin, you may want to steer clear of this game.