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Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of the most popular Betsoft games which is based directly on the novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson. This 5 reel and 30 pay-lines slot is based on a story that is over 100 years old but the game itself is extremely modern. With high quality 3d graphics that can persist across tablet devices as well as on the desktop format, the game features a player adventure that has free spins rounds surprises as well as a bit of spooky fun.

The characters from the story can certainly come to life with the help of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in its slot format. The game is set in the doctors library and from there you can see some of the classic characters from the novel. Overall this story is about the character of Dr. Jekyll but it definitely has an idea of creating a unique story idea with the cartoon style graphics. This is a totally unique gameplay style that will have players matching together potions and elements from the lab into some wonderful concoctions. Just be careful as you might awake the beast inside the good doctor.

slots bonus

Game Features

Players match together a number of symbols that you might typically find throughout a classic slot machine and the style of animation definitely keeps this a very original game. The police, lock and key, the house of the good doctor, a fireplace, book and a newspaper can all be matched to win different prize amounts. The logo will also activate some of the bonuses that are available in this game. All of the elements of a good mystery are here and they can be triggered in the various games and experiences that this slot has to offer.

The wild symbol makes for some fun as well. With the help of matching some of the wild symbols across this game it is possible to take home at least 480,000 coins at a time. This is a very powerful bonus indeed!

The coolest part of this game is the two screen bonus round and the morphing. As your character turns into Mr. Hyde and the doctor transforms, so does the game board. This means that by playing this game you can start to see different angles on the same game board and make some insane connections as you go! Morphing the logos can help you unlock new winnings so by transforming at the right time you can really win big with the help of this slot machine!

Pros: This game has many different ways to play and with the help of the potion combinations and morphing you can have even more chances to win! This stands as one of the most popular slots from this developer because of all of the excitement that it can bring. The classic theme and beautiful music add to its charm.

Cons: The morphing can make things a little confusing and even a little terrifying if you have your sound turned up loudly.