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See what it’s like to make your way into a real wizard’s tower with this amazing slot machine. Alkemor’s Tower is a modern slot machine game that matches mystifying animations with alchemy and a real wizard. You will be absolutely spellbound by this beautiful slot machine game. With a magic wand as well as animated features that will showcase some modern magic on mobile devices as well as on a desktop, Alkemor’s Tower is one of the premiere slot machines games of its time.

The grand wizard Alkemor invites you to his tower and the goal will be to climb to the top. As players work their way up the tower there are new prizes to be won alongside an impressive soundtrack with animations and spells throughout the reels.

With mystical symbols abound the game and the fun never seem to stop especially as this persists. Players really can unlock some huge prizes if they reach near the top of the tower.

If you love spell casting, fantasy and mysticism this could be a game that you will absolutely love. It is one of the premiere magic and fantasy themed slots that Betsoft has created and with the ability to unlock second screen wilds, the excitement can barely even be contained in this slot machine.

slots bonus

Game Features

The game features a second screen experience as well as 4 main bonus spells. The bonus spells can do everything from creating scatter experiences to, wilds and more. These are the type of spells that you might expect to find in another type of magic slot but they seem to intensify as you make your way up the tower. This type of game play can be very fast paced and exciting.

The second screen experience really helps players to win higher amounts too. The second screen bonus can include things like the hungry vine and black hole bonus. Both of these magic spell bonuses will reward players for making some amazing match-ups. It is these mini games that really separate from the slot action and showcase the magic of the tower.

Matching together scrolls, mushrooms, amethysts, coins, and rings are just a few of the symbols that can be found in the tower. It is these symbols and matching them that can lead to big winnings over time. As these symbols add up so do your winnings!

Matching together scales adds to the minimum amount of bonus where as matching rings, coins and amethyst could get you paid as much as 500, 750 or 1000 coins at once! This type of powerful matching combined with the bonus games can make this game a really great option for taking home big winnings!

Pros: If you love magic you are going to definitely enjoy this slot machine. It also has some amazing chances to win big.

Cons: Some may find the gameplay confusing and in some cases a little random. The zany magic theme may also be too much for some that enjoy a more classic slot machine experience.