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Are you a person that really loves playing Christmas games all year round? A Christmas Carol finally give you the chance to get your Christmas fix no matter what time of year it is. This extremely fast and slot machine is entirely based on the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”. Players can be transported into the world of Scrooge and be visited by some of the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. With a ghostly game board as well as five reels with 25 pay lines there are always ways to win with this impressive online slot machine.

The idea of these games that players wait out for the ghosts just as the main character does in the movie and novel. You can get the same experience as Charles Dickens character with plenty of winning opportunities along the way.

With festive music as well as beautiful and modern animations you can always have access to the Christmas spirit no matter what time of year that it is. This is finally the Christmas Carol themed game where you can actually unlock winnings that could make you just as rich as Scrooge himself. If you have ever dreamt of these kind of riches this could be the way to finally get the prize-winning opportunities of a modern slot machine game.

slots bonus

Game Features

The game has a wealth of features and the ability to pay out a vast range of small prizes ranging from 50, 100 and 200 coins. You can mess together symbols from Scrooge's bank as well as Christmas symbols from some of the three ghosts. Mixing together some of the symbols across the reels could really help you to profit with A Christmas Carol.

The main bonus games in a slot machine include rewards for players of up to 100 points for massing together presents. Players can get 100 coins for matching three presents, 200 coins for matching for presents, and 400 points for matching five presents. Gold coin symbols and also they extremely generously across the board.

Matching together Bell symbols will activate a bonus game and there are additional bonus games which include a wild bonus and turkey bonus game. Ghost bonus features also improve the bonus game structure.

Perhaps the most powerful bonus however comes from Scrooge himself. By matching together certain symbols across the board you can be rewarded directly by Scrooge with a Christmas bonus. Scrooge is capable of delivering a roast turkey bonus of 800 to 2400 coins. This bonus activates a fun mini-game which really changes the excitement of this slot machine.

If you are interested in doubling your winnings it's also possible to use the heads or tails gamble feature to unlock extra chances to win and to gamble your fortune on every spin. This extra bonus feature can help you stash your winnings back into the Scrooge bank.

Pros: Lots of excitement and a solid theme. If you love Christmas and this Dickens story you are going to love this slot machine.

Cons: The gamble feature can be tough to master. The bright theme and its Christmas season context may not be the best for playing all year round.