Blackjack Games

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Betsoft provide 4 different types of Blackjack games for you to choose between, and each has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

One thing worth noting, is that across all the games, you can play up to three hands at once – this is unusual, as many Casino software providers choose to make certain games ‘multi-versions’, but it allows you to enjoy more gameplay, so you certainly can’t complain!

Below is a rundown of the four games they currently offer;

Single Deck Blackjack – One of the most profitable versions of Blackjack around today, Single Deck Blackjack allows you to play ‘Vegas style’, and enjoy a high-quality gaming experience with a BIG chance of winning.

The main advantage of Single Deck Blackjack is that, with there being only one deck, you can actually card-count, slightly increasing your edge against the Casino, and minimising their edge over you.

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Super 7 Blackjack – Super 7 Blackjack features exactly the same as regular Blackjack, with the major bonus that you can place an additional ‘Super 7’ side bet. This side bet isn’t exactly original, and is actually the same as the Super Sevens side bet in other popular Blackjack variations – that said, it’s an exciting game, and the bonus side bet can help boost your wins when you’re on a lucky streak.

American Blackjack – Fairly similar to the type of European Blackjack you’re probably familiar with, American Blackjack features a couple of unique differences, the major one being that you can surrender your hand, getting 50% of your stake back when you feel your hand will lose.

European VIP Blackjack – This game features exactly the same as regular Blackjack, and the only difference here is that the table stake limits are higher, allowing you to play up to £5000 per hand (dependant on Casino). This makes all levels of player able to enjoy the game, although it can get costly if you’re on a losing streak, so be wary!

All games render well, and generally are well-tolerated on mobile phones and tablets.

If you’re looking for the best game to play, in terms of the house edge, your most suitable option is undeniably the Single Deck Blackjack variation, featuring the lowest house edge of just 0.38%.

If you want to enjoy a high-quality Blackjack experience, check out one of the titles above, and see how close to 21 you can get!

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